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FRIENDS ONLY [11 Feb 2011|07:51am]
[ mood | secretive ]

^_^ Hello reader!! I see you've found my livejournal! Chances are, if you're reading this and can see nothing else, than I've mentioned you here and I don't want you to read what I have. So GO AWAY! This journal is:

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LOL. I'm kidding! (OR AM I!) If you want to be my friend, just ask and most likely I'll add you. This was supposed to be my "30stm journal" but you know what? Real life is finding it's way into here, so I guess this is my happy home.

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[26 Sep 2006|10:32pm]
In other news...well. I'm sad again. PLEASE DON'T ASK WHY, BECAUSE I'M NOT GOING TO BLOODY WELL TELL YOU!!!111 Add to that (I totally wrote "ass" to that. Bloody typo. XD) the fact that I'm feeling a sense of stagnation. I had a moment of "WTF"ness because I just ran into a friend of mine after YEARS of not seeing her. Since JR. HIGH. I was walking down the street with my nephew in the push chair, and behold, thar she is! O.o;;

Her: "OMG, Janelle, is that you? OMG!!! *insert hugging and obligatory squealing* "Is that cho' baby?"
Me:"No, it's my nephew...Is that your little girl?!! Omg, she's so cute!!
Little girl:*scowls*
Her: "Yup, yup! *talks to the little girl* "Say Hi!!"
Little girl: *scowls*
Her: "ANYWAYZ. *makes her little girl talk to the hand* Her name is..." *insert some name I can't remember* "Her daddy got my other son." *insert MAJOR shockage at seeing her having not one, but TWO kids* "Do you have children of your own?"
Me: "Haha. No, not planning to...not yet until I'm married, anyway..."
Her: "...word?" *We talk for about 10 minutes, catching up...I find out who has a baby, who died, what happened to so and so...and my nephew falls asleep so attention goes back on the "baby" topic.* "Aww, he so cute, he look just like you. You sure he ain't yours? Don't front girl!"
Me: "Yeah, everyone tells me that. Haha. No, he's not mine."
Her: "So, wait, you aint got no kids yet Fa real?" *insert me wondering why not having a kid yet or 8976854 kids is such a shock*
Me: "Nope. No kids..."
*a group of guys walk by and try to "Holla" at us. I politely ignore, pushing my nephew back and forth for emphasis, wondering what happened to the good old days when the sight of a baby would make a guy turn tail*
Her: "Why you ain't take that nigg* number? He was FEELIN' you.
Me: "I'm taken..."
Her: You with a girl?
Me: "NO!!!"
Her:"AND YOU AIN'T GOT NO BABY YET?" *insert me wondering why the hell she hasn't apparently heard of a condom, sponge, or other methods of birth control* "Anyway, you still...?"
Me: "What?"
Her: "You know, goin' to church and all that?"
Me: "Yeah! And you're invited if you want to!" *gives her address*
Her: "Man, you ain't changed ONE bit. Girl, don't be mad at me, but I gotta know...I got ta know this. You got a man, you still in church, you ain't got no kids..are you still a...you know?"
Me: *dense as usual* Uhh??
Her: "IS YOU STILL A VIRGIN?" *insert me wondering why I'm having visions of the word "virgin" echoing through the neighborhood, through the city, through outer space*
Me: "Um...yyyyeaah... I'm waiting for marriage..."
Her: "DAAAAAANG." *She was THAT loud, so obnoxious boldness and size was needed. *Also, insert me wondering why that's such a "dang" worthy thing.* "If Ramel was still livin' I would owe that nigg* 10 dollars!"
Me: "WHAT??"
Her: "Haha, yeah, he made a bet waaay back in the day about who was gonna be the first baby momma and baby daddy and who was gonna be the ho a tha' group, who was gonna be tha freak a tha group, and the goody goody nun and what not. Ramel said you was gonna stay being uptight (WTF???!!!!!!) and everybody was like "Naw, she too good now, she gonna break loose and end up bein' a straight up FREAK, but Ramel was like, "Watch. She gonna stay just like she is."
Me: ...
Her: ...
Me: ...
Her: "Is you a nun?"

So yeah, we talked for about a couple minutes more, exchanged numbers and that was that...Kind of weird finding out about people you knew at like, 11 years old having children, or being DEAD. *sigh* Even more weird is finding out you were part of a bet that happened YEARS ago. So they thought I was going to end up being a freak, huh? Lol. I'll show them!!! I'm going to stay a virgin forever out of bloody spite. T_T; *Sews up vagina*
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Har har. [06 Apr 2006|01:00am]
It's 4 am and I have to be up at 8am! Eek. A long winded review isn't worth writing to me at this point since it was all covered by everyone else. Here are the pictures I took with the guys!
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by Photobucket

What can I say. I was up front, against the barricade thanks to SILVER(Tori) right in front of Tomo. The concert was excellent, made eye contact with Tomo a few times, dispite his fangirls screaming like idiots, Shan smiled at me, and I grinned like an idiot, Matt noticed I was taking a picture of him and looked at me as I took it. Jared...was just all over the place! lol. In the end, met Matt, hugged him, had him freak out about seeing "Matt's owl warrior" on the back of my shirt when he signed it *DIES*, made him happy with a present(drawing which I hope they looked at!) lol. He was, as usual, SWEEEEEET. Hugged Shan (thanks to SILVER yelling at his spazzy ass to come back!!)who loved my shirt and was so kind and gracious and thankful to me and I hugged Jared who also loved my shirt, but I said nothing to him, at all LOL! Tomo ran away. ;-;I hope to do it again sometime! Don't know about the meeting part, because there were so, SO many people. I wore two inch sandals, by the way and I'm wondering why everyone says Shan is so tiny, because even so, he's still taller than I am. And it was FREEZING at the end of the night. *SHIVER*
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